Taste of Megijima, Eat Local and Healthy – Workshop

How delicious can sustainable, healthy cooking be? What flavors, textures, and tastes can a small island offer us? In a recent workshop with macrobiotic chef Kaori Tsuji, we looked to answer these questions, bringing participants on a tour of the diverse tastes of Megijima and the Kagawa region.

To get ourselves slowed down a bit and settled into this beautiful island, our day started by heading to our natural garden, where Patrick and Suhee led a sensing meditation tour.


An extraordinary place to see the natural power of this island, the REALtimeFOOD natural farm is a place where chemicals and fertilizers are never used, and where bugs and weeds are not enemies. It is a piece of land that represents as much as possible, a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature where both of us can grow and flourish.

From here, Kaori led a lively study session, giving participants an introduction to macrobiotic concepts.


Then we got into the hands on process of preparing and cooking, getting to know about the characteristics of each of the ingredients, how and why they work together, the different ways in which they can be prepared, and even learning about the effect of cutting ingredients in slightly different fashions in order to pull out distinctly different tastes and energies from the foods.


Participants came again from several countries, this time including Hong Kong, and a group visiting from Thailand! Together we took on a large menu including everything from rice dishes and soups to tepura and deserts… and by early afternoon, it was time to eat it!


In the end, we had a great time with this wonderful cast of people, all of us exploring together, how the food we eat can change our health, our happiness, and the well being of the people and environment around us!

Want to join us here in Megijima? We have just two more events coming up this season! The first is a gallery opening on Saturday, 29 October, and our final event takes place on Saturday 12 November. You can see more information about these events on the REALtimeFOOD event page.

This workshop is a project of SocieCity and Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness, and was conceived by Kaori Tsuji, and run collectively with artists Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang.

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