Oni Cafe & Gallery

Located on the northern part of Megi Beach, less than a 10 minute walk from the ferry building, Oni Cafe & Gallery hosts a variety of art, culinary, and cultural events aimed at creating meaningful relationships and exchanges between locals and visiting artists and crafts persons from Japan and around the world.

2016 News — This Autumn, Oni Cafe & Gallery will be the main venue for the REALtimeFOOD project, a 10-week series of events exploring nature, culture, and good food on the island of Megijima. The project is being produced by visiting artists Patrick M. Lydon (San Jose, USA) and Suhee Kang (Seoul, South Korea), and Japanese chef Kaori Tsuji (Kobe). For more information about the events, see the REALtimeFOOD page.


From Okayama Station

  1. Take the Marine Liner train from Okayama Station to Takamatsu Station. The trip is about 55 minutes and trains run every half hour or so an Takamatsu is the final stop.
  2. Follow the directions from Takamatsu Station below

From Takamatsu Station

  1. Walk towards the High Speed Ferry Pier
  2. Find the “Megijima / Ogijima Ferry” ticket office (it is to the right hand side if approaching from the train station) and buy a ticket to Megijima
  3. Take the red and white colored ferry to Megijima (get off at the first stop, the trip lasts about 20 minutes)
  4. Once in Megijima, walk along the beachfront for about 7 minutes
  5. Welcome to Oni Cafe & Gallery, it’s a bright orange building!


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